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What is Responsive Web Design

By June 14, 2016Web Design News
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What is responsive web design?


With the enhancement in technology, we have been provided with many platforms to access the web. Therefore, now we have smartphones and tablets and many of us prefer using them instead of going to the desktop.

Therefore, your website being mobile friendly has become the necessity of present age. Responsive design has become one of the core components of the digital marketing strategy. Now the web designers have to face the challenge of making a website accessible on every device by website design in Newcastle.

Responsive web design:

It is the technique by which the website is coded so that you can have an optimal viewing experience of the website. The layout of the website should be easy to read and navigate with least panning, scrolling and resizing in all Smart devices.


The web designer should make sure that the navigation elements, text images, screen layouts and other UI elements of the website should be adjustable on a variety of devices through website design in Newcastle.

Components of responsive web design: 

Website design in Newcastle in not a single technology rather it is a group of techniques that makes the web designing possible. Therefore, here are some of the major techniques:

Fluid Grid:

It is the first key element of the responsive designing. With this technique, the layout of the web page is designed to such perfection that when it is squeezed on a small screen it will automatically adjust to make it easy for the reader to read.

Media Queries:

It is the second essential part that is supported by many browsers. It allows you to adjust the resolution of the website in CSS style. When a user accesses the website on different sizes of screens, the resolution will automatically adjust.

Important elements:

Some of the important elements for website design in Newcastle are:

  • Respond.js
  • FitVids
  • CSS tricks
  • Masonry
  • Responsive images
  • Responsive Grids
  • Many more

Advantages of responsive web design:

Responsive design will provide you with the following amazing advantages:

Enhanced user experience:

With responsive designs, you allow the user to access your website on the device he prefers. Thus, you provide him the facility to view your content without the need of adjusting it.

Cost effective:

A responsive design allows you to save a lot. Having a responsive design will relieve you to pay for having two different optimized websites on for desktop and other for mobile and tablets. It means that one website will cost you less.

Google’s recommendation:

When google speaks, everyone listens and it recommends responsive designs because then a website will have a single HTML code and URL, which makes it easy for google to access it and organize the content.

Easy to manage:

Having two different sites means that you will require separate SEO campaigns. Thus having a single website is far easier to manage.

So, it is time to take the right decision and get responsive web designing for your website.


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